Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A cold week 5 is history

I started off my week with a 60 minute cross training day on Monday, January 21st. Tapout XT's plyo (leg workout) smoked me. I love work outs that... simply put... kick my ass!

Tuesday: back on the track. With the temperature in the negative degrees, I gladly ran inside for 1:15:00 with not one complaint. My time equaled 7.5 miles. Later in the day, I went to Crossfit Beyond for the third week of strength training. Squats and bench presses. Which, by the way is going amazingly great.

Back in the basement on Wednesday for a 60 minute Tapout XT's legs and back workout. Yup, more legs. It's all about strong legs for this girl. If I'm going to be blessed with big thighs, then they need to be big and strong and toned. Just saying!

More base mile building on Thursday. Another 1:15:00 / 7.5 miles. Then it was off to Crossfit Beyond for some strength building dead lifts and over head shoulder presses. I have one more week of base mile and strength training workouts. Then I'll drop the strength training and focus my weekday running on speed work and marathon pace training.

Friday: I was able to squeeze in a 40 minute cross training workout. I randomly picked an exercise for each body part. Some times, I like going into the gym and doing what ever crazy exercises pop into my head. "What are we going to do next?" Gotta keep the body guessing.

I woke up on Saturday to NO alarm clock. So nice. After breakfast, it was back to the basement for "The Biggest Loser" workout. I love variety. Mixing it up keeps me engaged. And, as long as your heart rate is up and you are moving, who cares if it's on the wii or if it's running up and down a basketball court?! What ever, where ever... just keep it moving bitches!

Sunday, January 27th: I woke up and made breakfast for my family. I ate a bagel with peanut butter and jelly and had a cup of coffee. The sun was shining outside but I knew it would still be pretty cold. It was truly the first really cold run of the year for me, but I have the right gear to go out. Sunday's run was a run in memory of the Sandy Hook victims. That whole incident still seems surreal to me.

I set out for my run just before 10am. I set my garmin for two hours. Two hours has to equal 13.1 miles. In order to get the 13.1 miles, I have to run at least a 9 minute mile pace. The first mile (or so) is always the toughest because I'm trying to get into a rhythm. A pace and breathing rhythm. Once I got comfortable with my pace and my breathing, I started to coast. I hit some pretty big hills. But, I kept pace and continued on the journey. It was a good time to practice fueling during the run. I pretty much keep with the same fueling practices because they work best for me. I also brought raisins for a quick burst of energy/sugar. I felt pretty good during the run... but, with about a mile and half left, the tops of my calves started to cramp up. There was no way I was going to stop, so I slowed my pace. I knew that I would get the 13.1 miles in. My garmin went off telling me that I had completed my run.

Finishing time
Before my run

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week Four Comes to an End

On Tuesday, January 15th, I ran on the indoor track of the YMCA. 60 minutes that day felt like an eternity. I kept looking at the time, so I tried to concentrate on my running form and my pace. Hoping to keep my eyes off the clock. Maybe the small oval was getting to me!? I'd need to get over that quick. And I did. In the end, I felt great to be able to run 60 minutes, or +/- 6 miles.

Later that day, I went to Crossfit Beyond to start my second week of strength training. At that point, I thought that I should have been spent from running, but I wasn't. I always make myself complete every set and rep as if it's the first time I've exercised that day. As my day of exercise came to an end my legs were weak, I was left with a sublime sense of satisfaction.

 Wednesday, January 16th:

Enough said for my workout on Wednesday!

Thursday, January 17th: I was back on the small oval of the YMCA. I was challenged with the task of running for 1hr and 15minutes. Could I do this? Of course I could. This, I thought, will help me work on my mental strength. I tried not to look at the time as I did on Tuesday. It was the first time on a weekday that I had to think about putting a little fuel into my body, during a run. I chose to have water mixed with Electrolyte Fueling System (EFS), which worked out perfectly. 1hr and 15minutes = 7.5 miles. Later that day, I completed my second week of strength training at Crossfit Beyond. I am extremely happy about the way my body is responding to the double workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The double workouts will come to an end in two weeks. Just in time to start speed workouts and marathon paces training on the track.

Friday, January 18th: Crossfit Beyond! I think I'm addicted!

Saturday, January 19th: I love waking up when my body is ready to wake up and not because I've set an alarm and have to get up early. I ate my breakfast and geared up for my long run. It was a windy morning but the sun was out. I love running in chilly weather with the sun in my face. It really doesn't feel cold when the sun is shining, even when it's in the 30's. I felt great and hit some pretty big hills. I tried to keep pace on the hills instead of trying to speed through them. Come marathon day, I will try to keep pace not pick up pace. Practice makes perfect. I ran for 1 hr and 45 minute which equaled 11.80 miles. My total mileage for the week was 25 miles! Two weeks of base mileage left, then things get a little hotter with speed work and marathon pace training. I am so ready for some speed

Monday, January 14, 2013

In Full Swing

Tuesday, January 8th: I wasn't fully recovered from the crossfit workout I did Friday, or from Sunday's 8 mile run. I welcomed an easy 60 minute run on the YMCA's indoor track. That day, I definitely managed to stay within my heart rate training range. The slow pace was perfect. The time has now increased from a 45 minute run to a 60 minute run on the weekdays. And, as soon as my body adapts to 60 minutes, the time will increase again. Later that day, I went back to Crossfit Beyond for a strength training class. I worked on my squat and bench press. I will be stronger and faster this year.

Wednesday, January 9th: I woke up feeling super energized. I was still sore, but it's the type of sore that let's me know that I've been working out. Not the type that makes me feel like I'm burned out. I went into my basement and did a 30 minute workout called "wipeout" and a 15 minute ab burner workout by Nike Training Club. As I train, all of my powerlifting trophies look back at me. Inspiring me. I smile at them with pride. They are a reminder of how rewarding hard work can be.

My girl flexing with my powerlifting trophies

Thursday, January 10th: again, I welcomed an easy 60 minute run on the indoor track. Which equaled a 6 mile run. My muscles were sore but I felt good, overall. Later in the day, I went to Crossfit Beyond and completed the second part of my strength training, which consists of dead lifts and over head shoulder presses. I'm loving the strength training days. They some how help keep me mentally tough.

Friday, January 11th: Crossfit Beyond! I can't get enough of this place. I love the punishment that the workouts deliver.

Saturday, January 12th: OFF!

Sunday, January 13th: I woke up at 5am in the darkness. At 6am, I began my 1hr 30min run. I had on some pretty reflective gear. My baseball cap has LED lights which led the way. Despite the lights, I managed to fight off a branch that I ran into, and I went off road once. I was very happy not to have twisted an ankle. At 7:30am, I was done with my run. 1hr 30min= 9.77miles. I ran a total of 22 miles this week! I gladly enjoyed eating and some recovery time.

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy 2013- Week #2

Monday, December 31st: Happy New Year Eve! Today turned out to be a cross training day. I made some adjustments due to the snow we got on Saturday into Sunday. It was too early into training to even care about the weather. Although snow cover roads can be a risk, it wasn't too bad and I can layer up for the cold. Todays cross training consisted of Tapout XT's strength and force upper (55 minutes) with an additional 15 minutes of ultimate abs. This work out put me in gear for the rest of the day. Later that night, I put Christmas away. I thought, "soon it will be 2013. This week, I tune up my eating." Here's to starting 2013 and my second week of training with a bang!

Tuesday, Jan 1st: Happy New Year! I didn't wake up super early, but did manage to get up before the rest of the world. Or, at least it seemed that way. The air was cold and crisp and felt great. I hit some pretty big hills. And, all along I kept thinking F#%* cancer! This mantra strengthen my pace. I no longer let hills scare me nor do I let them defeat me. Hills are speed work in disguise. As I neared the end of my run, the flurries began to come down on me. They actually felt refreshing. I completed my 4.95 miles in 45 minutes.

Eminem's Father
Wednesday, Jan 2nd: Off

Thursday, Jan 3rd: I did not have a good night sleep. I woke up at 4am then at 6am. At 7am, my watch alarm went off and it was time to start my day. Although, I didn't sleep well, I was looking forward to my run. So, I headed out to the indoor track at the YMCA. I am so grateful for that tiny oval. I'd rather run around that track a million times before getting on the dreadmill. I'm trying very hard to run according to my heart rate, but I am having a bit of problem with slowing down. I'm really disliking heart rate training. I understand the physiology behind the training, but I just don't like it! I just want to run! I felt great today, despite my dislike. I ran 4.35 miles in 45 minutes.

Friday, Jan 4th: Today was an exciting day for me. I went back to my basic strength movement. Squats, bench press, dead lift and overhead shoulder press. Bring on the soreness! For one max repetition, I squatted 205 lbs, benched 140lbs, dead lifted 250lbs and shoulder pressed 82 lbs. I'm still pretty strong! Preforming these moves took me back...way back... to my powerlifting days. I'm excited to see how strong and fast I can get. I finished my day with a Crossfit workout called "A fight gone bad". Three rounds or sets of 5 movements for one minute a piece, with a one minute rest in between sets. My total for the whole workout was 263 reps!

Saturday, January 5th: Zumba Core! Not too sore from Crossfit the day before, but I know from past experience that you don't really feel the soreness of a hard workout until two days after. Sunday would be a tough day. But, I knew I was tougher, so I could get through it, no matter what.

Sunday, January 6th: Oh Boy, was I sore! excuses! I went out for an easy 8 miles with a neighbor. We chatted the whole time. I definitely need to run with someone. It kept my mind off my sore body. And, just like that... we were done. If I have no major injuries or near-death illnesses, there is no way in hell I'm missing a training session. This is my passion and I will enjoy a day of rest on Monday.

No Excuses

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