Sunday, June 1, 2014

Post Memorial Day Marathon

On Sunday, May 25th, I headed out to Lenox, Ma for the Memorial Day Marathon. The race started and ended at Tanglewood. A handful of my running friends ran this marathon the past two years. They described the course as challenging but beautiful. I was a bit nervous but ready for the challenge.  


The race started at 8am sharp. I took a deep breath and told myself to relax and start out slow. My first two miles were just under 10 minutes each. I thought that was a perfect start. The first miles were downhill, followed by some rolling hills. The views were breath-taking. I felt as if I was running in the forest. The trees towered over me. The flowing water of the creek was so soothing. From the start of the race, my bladder felt full. I held off stopping until the 8 mile mark. I was able to get in and out of the porta-potty quickly, losing very little time.

So far, I felt very relaxed. After the first 5k, I picked up my pace. At the start of 9 miles, I began picking people off. I continued to pass other runners up until mile 18. About a quarter mile from the 19 mile marker, I started walking. The hills were brutal. I ran as much as I could and walked when I had to. I had no real expectations of finishing under 4:30. I was so happy to reach the 20 mile marker. I reached 20 miles in about 3:08! That was perfect! But, I knew the race had just begun.

The last 10k was going to be the true challenge of this marathon. It took me over an hour to run the last 10k. I walked mile 24 and so did everyone else. I also walked about a quarter of a mile of mile 25. At about 25.5 miles, the road flattened out and I lengthened my stride and  picked up my pace in a last attempt to pass another runner. I passed him and ran right through the finish line with a time of 4:16:11. I had completed my 3rd marathon of the year and my 8th overall. I felt absolutely amazing. Throughout the race, I had no major problems. My fueling was on point and I never felt tired nor did I experience the wall. 

Dog Tags for Bling

The next day, Monday, I joined my Crossfit family at Crossfit Beyond and completed the "Murph."


At mid week, I still felt fabulous. Crossfit is making me stronger and a much stronger marathoner. Can't wait to tackle Lake Pacid Marathon in less than two weeks! Yikes!!!

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