Monday, December 9, 2013

My running year in review

My running year began with the Boston Marathon in April. I was so proud to be participating in the 117th running of the oldest marathon. What was suppose to be one of the happies and proudest  days in my life, turned into tragedy for so many. I was and forever will be greatful to have been spared from the physical scars of that day. The events of this one day has forever change security measures for all major races. I drew some of my strength from that single day and continued to lace up the rest of the year.


My second race took me back to Boston to run the Boston's Run to Remember Half Marathon. It was a very emotional return to Boston for me. I took all of those feelings from the events that occurred at the Boston Marathon and left them on the pavement. I earned a new PR (1:45:49) and a 3rd place finish in the female law enforcement category.

Run to Remember

In July, I ran the very hot Boilermaker 15k. The Boilermaker is always hot and humid or just plain HOT! The weather slowed me down this year during the race. I finished in 1:22:47. Not my best but I finished and that's what counts most times.

My next big race was the Adirondack Marathon in September. I had about 6 weeks to prepare for this race. But, I felt great. I felt as if I had a solid base built up. The one thing that concerned me and always has, was the tendonitis in my right ankle. Without any warning, it would creep up on me and sideline me from running during training. So during my preparation for the marathon, I decided to adopt a paleo lifestyle of eating. My hopes were to gain some control over the inflammation in my right ankle. After 30 days of eating no grains, dairy, or sugar, my systemic inflammation was down. Hence, the tendonitis in my right ankle has been gone to date. 

2nd marathon of the Year

The Adirondack Marathon was one of the most challenging marathons I had ever ran. My garmin registered the total elevation at 1,347ft. The hills were so steep, I felt as if I were running backwards at times. But, I got it done and finished in 4:19:21. This was my second of three marathons for the year.

Next, we move on to the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon in October. I was look for a new half marathon PR. Unfortunately, something didn't feel right in the two weeks prior to the race. My right knee was achey. During the race I felt the ache in my knee grow. But, I was in it to the finish. So, finish, I did. I didn't get a PR but still came in under 2 hours.


With 6 weeks left until the Philadelphia Marathon. I rehabbed myself from IT Band Syndrome. At the high end, I ran a 12 miler. I also decided to throw in a few more races before philly. I ran the stockade athon 15k and a Veteran's Day 5k. Hey, I figure if a week before the
Philly marathon I couldn't run a 9.3 and 3.1 mile race, there was no way in hell I would make it to philly. I ran those races slow and with very little pain. 

 I made it to the Philadelphia Marathon! The race had the options for marathoners to call it quits at the half way point. Hell no that wasn't an option for me. I went to philly to run a marathon not a half. I made it to the 18 mile marker before I lost pace. I fought to the finish and got it done. I completed my 3rd marathon of the year and my 5th overall. 

For the love of Running

Finally, I finish my running year with the Troy Turkey Trot 10k and 5k. This was my very first 10k. So, I had an automatic PR of 51:55. I raced the 10k and used the 5k as a cool down. 

My running year was such a roller coaster. Full of tears of joy and sorrow. I ran my second world majors marathon. I saw history unfold. History, which has changed so many things for so many people. It's made me more passionate about my run. I run because I can and won't let anyone or anything take that ability from me. I LOVE TO RUN!
 I can't say it enough... How greatful I am for the ability to put one foot in front of the other. To my husband, family, friends, and supporters, THANK YOU! You have all made my 2013 running journey very special. 

And, THANK YOU for taking the time to read.