Sunday, December 30, 2012

And the Journey Begins

Tuesday, Dec 25th: Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to all. What a magical day it was. I started my day opening presents with my husband and daughters. My husband outfitted me with some cool running gear. After a hearty breakfast, I set off on my first training run. I've been pretty busy the last few weeks, between getting ready for the holidays and weekend commitments, so I had very little time for long runs. Christmas was the start of what will become my routine for the next 16 weeks. I will pour my heart and soul into every run because that's just what I do. I don't know how to do it any differently.

The air was chilly that day but it felt great to get out and run. I ran 4.83 miles at a 9:19 pace in 45 minutes. What a great start.
Geared up for my 1st run

Wednesday Dec 26th: What a tough day. Every one woke up so late. By the time we ate breakfast, it was lunch time. So, I went into my basement and completed a 45 minute Cross Core Combat workout by Tapout XT. This was a great way for me to get some cross training in and workout some non- running muscles.

Thursday Dec 27th: We got our first snow storm this day. So, off to the YMCA I went to run on the indoor track. Don't ask me how many laps I completed...I don't keep track. When I was complete with my 45 minute running sessions, it turned out to be 4.68 miles at a 9:36 minute pace. I felt great.

Recovery drink waiting for me

Friday Dec 28th: I felt like "blah" today. Didn't know why, I just did. But, I managed to get in a 45 minute  cycle workout. Injury and near death illness will be the only thing to keep me from a workout session.

Saturday Dec 29th: I was up early, 6am early. It was still dark out but, by the time I drank my coffee, ate my bagel, and got dressed, it was starting to get brighter. There was snow on the ground but the roads were pretty clear to run on. The hardest part was getting out the door. Leaving a warm house is never easy but, once I began the trek, all was well. I love how it seems as the whole world is sleeping. I get to enjoy the beauty of the snow that had fallen. Everything was asleep for the winter. It was very peaceful. I ran for 60 minutes which translates into 6.3 miles at a 9:31 minute pace. Week one is history. Only 15 more to go. Soon enough I will be toeing the Boston Marathon starting line.

The solitude of a winter run

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Have a great New Year!