Monday, August 13, 2012

8 weeks down... 8 to go!

Hello, it's been a while. Eight weeks ago, I began marathon training. When I started training for my second marathon, I gave it little thought. But now that I am half way done with training, I'm starting to get a bit nervous. I am not sure of what. I'm not sure if it's the little training (only running three times a week instead of five or six) i'm putting into this second marathon or if it's the fact that I feel fantastic! I'm lean, not injured, and I haven't missed a workout. I've managed to keep the inflammation down on my right knee, due to Plica Syndrome. The bone spur on top of my right foot has little affect on my running and the calcium deposits on my right heal are not uncomfortable at the moment. Ice and anti-inflammatories are my friends these days.

On days I don't run, I do a bit of high intensity interval cross training. Tap Out in my basement and Crossfit Beyond in Albany. The high intensity interval training helps with the development of my cardiovascular system while keeping me injury free. It also helps strengthen smaller muscles not used during running.

Or, maybe I'm nervous because in just over a month, I am traveling to Cap Cod to run the Zooma Half Marathon as one of my training runs. I have high expectations for myself, of course. I plan to PR.

Question: has anyone out there tried EFS (Electrolytes Fuel System) by 1st Endurance? Has it worked for you? All opinions welcomed.

So, now onto the last 8 weeks of training. Which I hope go as smoothly as the first 8 weeks.

Thank you for stopping by :>)