Sunday, November 30, 2014


In approximately six weeks, I, along with my daughters and husband, will be headed down to sunny Orlando, Florida. We will spend a week at one of the many Disney Resorts. I think I am way more excited than anyone else to see Cinderella's castle. Or, better yet, run through it. Not once but twice! Sure, it's a family vacation but with a bit of a twist; I am going to run the Dopey Challenge. The inaugural Dopey Challenge took place earlier this year. It consisted of running a 5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, and finishing off with the Disney Marathon. A total of 48.6 miles in four straight days of running! And, of course we can't forget the potential 6 medals I will earn.

 The Disney Marathon is one of the many destination races on my very long marathon list. But, when I saw the Dopey Challenge, I said "why not?" It's like killing 4 birds with one stone. I would never go down to Florida to run any of the shorter races individually. It's just not cost effective. But, 4 races, 6 race shirts and 6 pieces of bling in four days through the Disney parks... I was sold! Did I say 6 medals? Yes, 6! One for each race, the Goofy challenge medal for completing the half and full marathon, and the Dopey Challenge medal for completing the four races. I also purchased 3 day passes. Yup, I will probably need a vacation after my vacation, but the memories will be worth it. Especially, the looks on the girls faces when we enter Magic Kingdom for the first time. This trip is simply going to be magical.

My training is going well despite a nagging tight left hamstring. I make sure I warm up prior to actually doing my workout and I stretch afterward. I am following the Crossfit Endurance training program for a second cycle. The first time it netted me a Boston-qualifying time. This time around, I just want to finish.

I've gone through my running day plans over and over again in my head. As of now, I plan on racing the 5k and the 10k and taking it easy for the half and full marathon. I've even toyed around with the idea to run/walk the full marathon. But, I'm sure I will adjust my plans as I see fit on race morning. We will visit the parks on the first three days of my races. I am hoping that walking the parks will keep me loose for the next day race. I've learned that it is best to keep moving after a race. This is especially going to be true after the half marathon. Or, it can all back fire on me and I'll be tired as hell and unable to function. But, I still think it will all be worth it. I can't wait to run the magic of Disney.

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